Modifications + Machines

For 20 years we have the experience with special machineries. We develop and build machines and machine parts, realize modifications and customizing.
e are experts for Productionlines for

  • sanitarypads
  • diapers
  • meatpads
  • tapes
  • plaster
  • pads
  • single use insoles
  • single use axle pads



Packaging machines

  • cartoner to pack pantyshields, bottles, cups,…,
  • tubular bag packer to pack sanitary pads, pantyshields, wet wipes, baby wipes, plaster, cookies, biscuits, …


Individual Components

  • Stacker
  • tubularbag filling table
  • product collecting systems
  • product stapler
  • unwind stands with automatic changer
  • universal cut and place systems
  • hammer mill and sawtooth mills
  • SAP application system
  • Perfume application systems
  • kneading machines
  • roller mill masticator
  • cutting stations
  • folding stations
  • ovens
  • stamping stations
  • filter systems

Printing unitDruckwerk Maschinenbau

  • up to three colors
  • up to 250 m/min
  • waterbased colors, suitable for hygiene




Servodrive with controlling and timing (e.g. Lenze or Siemens)

Fitting of individual components for machines that produce parts for the automobile sector, cans, corrugated cardboard, bottles, paper, PE-tubularbags, stoneware or sweets,…,